I’m not even hungry anymore, just dizzy.


Which is worse? Sharks or tornados?

Secret Routines

Everyday I weigh myself, I have to sneak into my parents room when they don’t notice and step on the scale to see how much I get to eat for the day. Today I am 110lbs, I’m so happy. I’m going to a camp tomorrow where I won’t be able to escape eating a bunch of crap. So this week I have being eating very little and have dropped 5lbs. When I get back from camp the damage won’t be as bad as it would have been before and it will be easier to pick up where I left off. My target weight is 100lbs by the beginning of the school year. I really think I can make it:)

All my scars are on my stomach. I can never wear a bikini again, whenever I see a cute one, or go out with my friends to the beach it just reminds me that these scars will last forever.

I’m so hungry, all I have had today is a cup of tea with milk, no sugar, and two glasses of ice water. But I can’t eat cause I’m going to Starbucks later, which also means no dinner… Gotta plan ahead.



The official Doctor Who tumblr is the best thing on the planet. No wait…it’s the best thing of all time and space.



when i have a kid my only argument will be shut up ur like 12

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